Restore the America We’ve Lost

What America was at the start of the new century and what it is now, twenty years later, is unrecognizable. In November, Arizonans will play a key role in deciding who will be our next President. Join us.

Republicans for a New President – Arizona Helps Turns the Page on Donald Trump


For the first time since 1996 (Clinton) and only the third time since 1948 (Truman), Arizona voters elected to send a Democrat to the White House. While Democratic turnout in Arizona was predictably high, Vice President Biden’s historic but extremely narrow win in Arizona was also built on the courageous efforts of many principled current and former Republicans - many of whom supported Trump in 2016 - who refused to support his reelection now. The Stand Up Republic campaign, Republicans for a New President (R4NP-AZ), was proud to lead in this effort.

To turn the state away from Trump, R4NP-AZ took several actions:

  • Organized grassroots virtual discussion groups, peer to peer texting and op-ed writing campaigns

  • Mobilized principled Arizona Republicans of faith, especially the nearly half-million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to publicly oppose Trump, including a state-wide sign-on letter rejecting his candidacy,

  • Ran highly targeted digital testimonial ads, reaching millions of persuadable voters, and

  • Coordinated local and national media interviews with disaffected voters.

These initiatives built a vast coalition of current and former Republicans from all over Arizona who spoke publicly about the need for a new president, and crossed traditional party lines to make it happen. Arizonans made their preference for new, principled leadership clear.

While we are excited and encouraged by the result, we also want to unequivocally state that democratic processes must always be followed and the results accepted by all. It’s how a peaceful transition of power works. While R4NP-AZ and Stand Up Republic were focused on this presidential election, our mission is rooted in the defense of our Republic, and the democracy that President Trump’s actions have routinely degraded.

So, like everyone else, we eagerly await the final, official canvass of the results of this election that will certify Joe Biden as our next President, and look forward to engaging in cross-partisan conversations about strengthening and healing our nation. 

About Us

The election results in 2016 made it clear that Americans felt more disconnected than ever from Washington. The last thing America needed was another Washington insider conducting business as usual while more Americans were left behind by a resurging economy that was only working for some. In that moment maybe it was time for change but Donald Trump’s change was not what we needed.

If you were once proud to say you were a member of the Republican party and now hesitate to state where you stand, join us. If you feel like your party of values, honor, and decency has left you behind for something far different, join us. If you’re fed up with Donald Trump’s disregard for the Constitution, American values and basic decency, join us.

We are a coalition of Arizona Republicans and former Republicans who are finished with the president’s failed leadership and are committed to replacing him this November. We want to restore decency, integrity, commitment to truth and respect for the Constitution to the Oval Office. For many of us, that will mean supporting Joe Biden. For others, that may mean voting third party or independent. But whatever we choose, we will choose to elect a new president who will live up to those values.

Only then will the country and our party be able to rebuild.


I was not only a Republican, but a proud one for the first thirty-two years of my life.

By Christie Black, Mesa

I was not only a Republican, but a proud one for the first thirty-two years of my life. When Donald Trump took office, I was nervous. He did not seem to share my moral standards, and much of his campaign rhetoric went directly against my religious beliefs. However, I had a strong faith in our country’s government system of checks and balances.

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