Restore the America We’ve Lost

What America was at the start of the new century and what it is now, twenty years later, is unrecognizable. In November, Arizonans will play a key role in deciding who will be our next President. Join us.

About Us

The election results in 2016 made it clear that Americans felt more disconnected than ever from Washington. The last thing America needed was another Washington insider conducting business as usual while more Americans were left behind by a resurging economy that was only working for some. In that moment maybe it was time for change but Donald Trump’s change was not what we needed.

If you were once proud to say you were a member of the Republican party and now hesitate to state where you stand, join us. If you feel like your party of values, honor, and decency has left you behind for something far different, join us. If you’re fed up with Donald Trump’s disregard for the Constitution, American values and basic decency, join us.

We are a coalition of Arizona Republicans and former Republicans who are finished with the president’s failed leadership and are committed to replacing him this November. We want to restore decency, integrity, commitment to truth and respect for the Constitution to the Oval Office. For many of us, that will mean supporting Joe Biden. For others, that may mean voting third party or independent. But whatever we choose, we will choose to elect a new president who will live up to those values.

Only then will the country and our party be able to rebuild.


Seeds of change: For the first time in decades, farmers in Arizona are divided over presidential election

By Christian Peña, Jo Ling Kent and Ezra Kaplan

I used to be a pro-life voter.

By Becky Wyatt | Gilbert, AZ

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By Jonathan Gelbart

A Constitutional Conservative’s Principled Approach to Voting 2020

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We cannot settle for less because our most basic freedoms depend on it.

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NY Times Op-Ed: Will Mormon Women Sink Trump in Arizona?

President Trump may have a problem in the American Southwest. And contrary to popular belief, it is not just liberal Californian exiles fleeing to states like Nevada and Arizona or a high number of Democratic-leaning Latino voters in those states.

No, the problem is different: Mormons. And most specifically, Mormon women.

By Bob Worsley, Author, retired Arizona GOP State Senator

Welcome to the Fear Zone.

That’s a polite description of the re-election tactics deployed by Donald Trump in an attempt to dominate the airwaves, the Twittersphere and our national conversation — and scare voters into casting their ballot for him.

CNN: Arizona Republican: I'm voting Biden because I'm disgusted

Some Republicans voters in Arizona say they are dissatisfied with the way President Donald Trump has handled the response to coronavirus pandemic and are organizing to defeat him in 2020. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

AZ Central: We are LDS but would never speak for the church. Neither should those stumping for Trump

We wouldn’t pretend to give the impression that we speak for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; we do not.

A Response to the “Latter-day Saints for Trump” Rally in Mesa, Arizona

We wouldn’t pretend to give the impression that we speak for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; we do not. But as individual church members writing on our own account, we would suggest that the group holding a rally calling itself “Latter-day Saints for Trump” is out of bounds for co-opting the Church’s name to give the impression that Donald Trump is supported by the Church as an entity. We feel the need to respond and say that while some may support the president, there are also many who disagree with President Trump for many reasons.

Republicans for a New President - AZ