We Believe It's Time for a New President

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"We must have a change in leadership or our country will be at great risk."

- Jonathan Gelbart, Former Republican Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction


"I feel like I'm standing up for the Republican party, not against the party."

- Paul Brierly, Yuma


"I grew up believing the Republican party was the party for families, for faith, and for fiscal responsibility. I don't believe that anymore."

- Christie Black, Mesa


"Up until 2016 I was your tried and true Republican voter"

- Amy Wudel, Gilbert


"Donald Trump governs off of his worst impulses."

- Steve Miner, Mesa


"As soon as the Republicans cancelled their primary I really felt like they did not want me to have a voice."

- Laura Clement, Mesa


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Republicans for a New President - AZ