I was not only a Republican, but a proud one for the first thirty-two years of my life.

By Christie Black, Mesa

I was not only a Republican, but a proud one for the first thirty-two years of my life. When Donald Trump took office, I was nervous. He did not seem to share my moral standards, and much of his campaign rhetoric went directly against my religious beliefs. However, I had a strong faith in our country’s government system of checks and balances.

If the president tried to do anything unconstitutional, Congress or the Supreme Court would intervene. I still hoped the Republican party would stand by their long-standing principles including encouraging free trade, upholding the rule of law, supporting families, and supporting our troops.

My hopes were dashed quickly. As a Republican, I valued having a strong, free market economy, and was stunned when President Trump placed tariffs on China and has continued to impose more since. I thought Republicans, like myself, valued family and faith above all else, and felt physically ill when the administration began separating migrating families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Rule of law, I once believed, was a bedrock principle of Republicanism, but then the Republican members of Congress tossed aside the Mueller Report and ignored compelling evidence that President Trump withheld aid to obtain campaign assistance from Ukraine. Certainly conservatives would still value the safety of our troops over partisan politics. — I was stunned when it came to light that Russia put a bounty on the head of U.S. soldiers and POTUS did nothing.

I feel like I’ve watched the Republican party crumble before my eyes. While no longer a Republican myself, I still have many incredible Republican friends. We still share moral standards even where we diverge on public policy. I have hope that conservatives as a whole can come back together in the future, but that future cannot include Donald Trump. I believe that for the good of the Republican party and our nation as a whole, we need moderate Joe Biden at our helm. We need to restore regular order to our political systems, and then we can proceed together, not divided.

Republicans for a New President - AZ