A Response to the “Latter-day Saints for Trump” Rally in Mesa, Arizona

We wouldn't pretend to give the impression that we speak for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; we do not. But as individual church members writing on our own account, we would suggest that the group holding a rally calling itself "Latter-day Saints for Trump" is out of bounds for co-opting the Church’s name to give the impression that Donald Trump is supported by the Church as an entity.

We wouldn't pretend to give the impression that we speak for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; we do not. But as individual church members writing on our own account, we would suggest that the group holding a rally calling itself "Latter-day Saints for Trump" is out of bounds for co-opting the Church’s name to give the impression that Donald Trump is supported by the Church as an entity. We feel the need to respond and say that while some may support the president, there are also many who disagree with President Trump for many reasons.

For us, this election is not about parties and tribalism. It is about reclaiming our core values. President Trump is the antithesis of so much the LDS community believes. Servant leadership, kindness, honesty, acceptance, family, and respect for all are core tenets of who we are and what we stand for. 

Policy positions traditionally championed by Republicans are important. Supreme Court appointments are important. But so are the traditions and institutions that make America what it is: a shared dedication to a culture of civility and respect; a tradition of loyal opposition where we don't entertain chants of "lock her up"; an imperative to use reason and data from trusted experts when making decisions; supporting a free press who help establish shared facts--not “alternative facts”--and hold those in authority accountable; an aspiration to be a melting pot where all are created equal and in which anyone can embrace American values and thrive, versus the blood-and-soil nationalism that other nations suffer from. 

Trump exploits our anxieties in the worst way--fanning division, fear, and xenophobia. He manipulates America's problems for his personal benefit rather than inspiring us to solve them. He weakens critical government institutions and routinely imperils our Constitution by placing himself above the law. 

In response, we will vote for Joe Biden, or a third party candidate, or leave our ballot blank in protest.  None of us can justify voting for Donald Trump because, in our opinions, the harm he does to our civic culture outweighs any policy benefits we might temporarily gain. For those who share our concerns, please reject another Trump term in favor of rebuilding our party around enduring principles of truth, respect, honor, competency, freedom, and concern for our fellow man.

It is time to focus on healing our weakened traditions and institutions and to strengthen liberty through greater solidarity.


Hon. Bob Worsley & Christi Worsley

Don and Kathy Stapley

Tyler & Tiffini Montague

Claudia Reeder Walters

Paul Whetten

Liana Clarkson

Adam Gunderson

James McGuire

Greg and Rebecca Garn

Amy and Dave Wudel

Chad Snow

Kathy Varga

Christie Black

Yasser F. Sanchez

Clint Smith

Jeremy Spilsbury

Jim & Cheryl Zaharis

Alicia Alba

Laura Clement

Susan Whetten Udall

Emily Romney Sanchez

Steve & Brittni Miner

Aaron S. & Mira K. Daniels

Stephanie & Jerry Newitt

Ben Spackman

Becky & Richard Bagley

Jane Andersen

David & Natalie Walker Whitlock

Alden Weight

Rebecca S. Jones

Janel Hulbert

Janae Cunningham

Daniel Garza

Astrid Garza

KJ Barnwell

Marci Timothy

Julie Larsen

Suzie Barnwell

Debbie Hong

Allison D.

Christy Bishop

Sara Fisk

Rachel Scholes

Jeanette Layton

Julie Jorgensen

Todd and Jacy Skouson

Barbara Barzee

Victoria Lee

Chuck and Elaine Clark

Jenny Harvey

Dr. Nathan Kellis

Kendra Kellis

Yudit Nonthe Sanchez

Abby Scott Nonthe

Michaela Burns

Patricia & Michael Partridge

Robert & Sharyn Strong

Rachael Clawson

Janeen Glenn

Jessica Brower

Corinn Eddington Quarnberg

Jonathan and Tara Goetzel

Jesse and Kendra Pettit

Jared Petry and Samantha Bateman-Petry

David Riddle

Trevor & Mimi Nelson

Stacey Sherman Campbell

Katherine Fairbanks Sam

Brenda Gowey

Norma Gonzalez

Brooklyn Renshaw Merchant

Michelle and Ivan Burrola

Melissa Thacker

Erin Thornhill Reeder

Nicole G.

Vanessa Corby-Harris

Kristen Kirk Lorton

Eva Sezate

Karla Harvey Furrulli

Timothy Jones

Simone Farbus

Emily Spencer

Gene Hayes

William R. and Deborah Richardson

John & Kimberly Nevels

Harrison Nevels

Liz Fuller

Rodney J. Ross

Lillian B.

Danica Baird

Margaret and Jeff Goebel

Jake Lewis

Dennis Beebe

Spencer C. Kellis

Jamie Ottesen

Walter Knudsen

Faye Gruwell

Janine Porter

Annabella Cruz

Brigham Cluff

Daniel Bishop

Gregor McHardy

Aaron Smith

Pace Rawlins

Larry Brady

Megan C

Kristie Nelson

Hope Douglass

Brenda Mangum Ross

Damon and Kimberly Martineau

Christopher and Aubrey Denton

Jared Vance

Scott and Shauna Kimball

Ronald W.F.

Trent Christiansen

Lisa Hagood

Chesley and Sariah Sharp

Jill Thatcher

Jean Lamoreaux

Ima Nidiat

Amy Crowley

James Winings

Bryce Cook

David Fletcher

Shantelle Oliphant

Kathryn Farnsworth

Aaron Covarrubias

Dave and Amy Jensen

Bill and Myrna Sheppard

Jessica Kitterman

Annette and Keith Lunt

Leanne Doughty Mingl

Holly Petersen Urbancic

Lauren DeLaix Cluff

Brian and Tara Blumer

Mark and Marina Busby

Ryan Hutchins

Robert Bischoff

Emily Glenn

Melarie Wheat

Sarah Rogers

Ron and Lisa Halm

Paul Robles

Richard Humphreys

T.F. Chang

Jon Ward

Marilyn Coombs

Lacy Chaffee

Alexia Zazueta

Jake Johnson

Daniel Escarcega

Joel Hancock

Jerry and Pattie Vincent

Carolyn Mallonee

Samantha Hinchey

Hope Wiltfong

Chelsee and Ben Hunt

Pat Langmade

Tamora Muir

Ryan C. Curtis

Justin Martinez

Leslie Zabriskie

Valerie Stone

Kayla Crouch

Rachel Olson

Bryce & Diana Denton

Larissa Paetow

Carolyn Richards

Chris Fife

Mark Gomez

Jerry Roberson

Amye Godfrey

Ray Donaldson

Cassie Hague

Steven Lindsey

Rick and Sabrina Marvin

Janet Reed

Collette McIntosh

Dr. Nathan Kitchen

Jackie Allen

Perry Andrew Piercy

Alyson Lawani

Karli Devoe

Nora Castaneda

Shalee Price

Celia Coronado

Irene Peters

Brock Ellison

Elaine Robertson

John Reiff

Randall Johnson

Mary Dominis

Jackson Dille

Natalie Harris

Brooke and Ransom Young

Marilyn Cox

Sue Arnett

Dr. Brian Dille

Ben Summers

Kay Baldwin

Shamady Davis

James Robertson

Geoff Willis

Jim Robertson

Mary Gallaugher

Erika Tandu Kienga

David Sawatzke

Rebecca Holt Stay

Kristin Hatch

Tanner & Jessica Hatch

LeAnn Mason

Daniel Conlin

Lisa Lindberg

Lisa DeJong

Barbara Barnes

Kelsey Ellis

Jonia Broderick

John Chapman

Preethi Harbuck

Ed McMullin

Linda Sawin

Katherine Smith

Karen Hanneman

Mickey Roach

Dawna Boswell

Karin & Jordan Stephens

Jessica Gardner-Carr

Jenny Denton

Lee Sheppard

Karli Denton

Brad Denton

Kris & Nancy Kircher

Linda Merritt

Brandon Merrill

Bill and Karla Bickmore

Harriet Sue Peterson

Randall Hagen

Eisabeth Quackenbush

M.G. Durrant

Stephen Biggs

Jennifer Taggart Vice

Devin Wilcock

Travis Moncur

Jeff Morgan

Carter Dunham

Craig Willis

James Brinton

Lyssa Whetten

Paul Daniel McAllister

Russell Tolman

Janet Liddiard

Michael and Claire Osborne

Greg and Melissa Fletcher

Christopher Marohn

Grant Zabriskie

A'Lissa Olson

Rebecca Pacheco

Karen Boehme

William Bradford

Yollie Reyes

Andrew Sanders

John Willis

Kurt Matthia

Weston Winegar

Reed Cannon

Kaylie Kerr

Jennifer Jensen

Logan Bitter

Rich & Lorie Haskins

W.E.S. Smith

Jason Comstock 

Patricia L. Mulleneaux

Logan Cannon

Richae Knudsen

Mike Overson

Amy Rathbun

Kris Brimhall

David Rathbun

Catherine Foster

Peggy Horner

Dan Holland

Jill Stringham

Chad Welch

Jeff Thompson

Alison Mockli

John A. Webster

Heidi Macey

Peter-Brandon Christensen

Marni Mailhot-Leyva

Phil McCracken

Bryce Cundick

Robert V. Bullough Jr.

Donna Kelly

Liz Macdonald

Sue Menlove

Carolyn Melby

Scott Mercer

Jim Bennett

Mallory Moon-Wilson

Nate Hale

Kaitlin Rodgers

Cynthia Higginson

Mary Nielson

Robert DeVore

Steve Snow

Ann Excell

Eric Macdonald

Gordon Mulleneaux

Daniel Pimentel

Joshua McBride, MD

Jacob Clay

Stephanie Clay

Christopher Benninghoff

Hayley McBride

Jeff Combe

Cindy Combe

Rebeccah Cannon

Steve & Elizabeth Goold

Piper Sullivan

Kim Walker

Lea Walker

Terra Cooper

Kevin Young

Thomas Sanders

Fred Karst

Jennifer Dille

Desiree Bell

Louise G. Rains

Robert G. Rains

Holly Smith

Samantha Clay

Sarah Parker-Allen

Rebecca Garn

Brian Hauglid

Alex Loyd

Adrienne Ellsworth

Julia Busche

Spence Burnett

Mindy White

Dustin Hanson

Melvin Jones

Sandra Lopez

Gina Burnett

Jae & Diann Christensen

Karen Heiner

Renae Sullivan

David Heiner

Allison R.

Andrea Kull

Blake Heywood

Neil Hahl

Tracy Williams

Noah Myers

Kate Richardson 

Robert Scholes

Melissa Anderson

Evan Christensen

Mike & Nellie Boyer

Karyn Jones

Matt Milner

John Rooker

Richard Kennard

Andrew Morgan

Clark Richardson

Emilee Morgan

Martin Smith

Lex and Melinda Olorenshaw

Jennifer Bitton

Garth Porter

Riley J. Roos

Matthew Gardner

Karen Rivera

Carolyn Williams

Emily Lawrence

Gene Colby

Scott McPhie

Richard Snow

Jenielle Bailey

Anne Eliason

Monique Fullmer

Blake Kimball

Mark Nelson

Dallin Kauffman

Katherine Salamon

Heidi Whipple

Owen Stailey

Ken Hayes

Maxine Hanks

Kamarah Adams

Robyn Carr

Rebecca Marra

Pamela Stanford

Sally Cooper

Debra Robinson

Jeff Welker

Kathryn Bosworth

Ken Hayes

Benjamin W. Decker

Jim Smith 

Linda Shelton

Corinna Tanner

Mike Hawk

Kaitlyn Dressman

Roger Andersen

Marvalynn Keama-Medeiros

Gary Lynch

Janet Goldman Merrill

Lacey Williams

Ryan Williams

Ashley Couch

Natalie Taylor

Steve Simpson

Katelyn Barnard

Kevin Davies

Amy Kreischer

Julia Langford

Kristine Ayers

Nico & Nancy Van Allen

Holly Dixon

Sharity Beck

Amy Sharpe

Diane Botill

Austin Holloway

Kendra Halterman

MaryJan Munger

Jonathan & Stacy Hansen

Natalie Greaves

Cindy Pickett

Caitlin Lythgoe

Rachel Goff

Chrysta Richards

Meg Kenworthy

Sherri Congdon

Stacy McCarthy

Jason Crandall, PhD

Annie Paopao

Amy Frischknecht Blodgett

Mary Hickman

Janna Barnes

Steven Haskins

Amy H

Jeanine Bean

Melanie Gonzalez

Jill Jacobs

Rebecca Tkacs

Ruth Liddell

Brianne Zabriskie

Cathy Gilmore

Tiffany Pressley

Dale & Ramona Zabriskie

Tyler Mathis

Amy Unice

Noelle Gosnell

Charlotte Champenois

Jim & Judy Robertson

Chandra Moss

Lori Hawkins

Cami Workman

Justin Cook

Kate McKeen

Nicole Daniels

Suzanne Reese

Athena Minton

Laura Anderson

Janet Mortensen

Amanda Allen

Daniel Torres

Melissa Wood

Matt Murray

Molly Seawright

Heather Yamagata

Jamie Pearson

Sheila Johnston

Elizabeth Garcia

Jeanette Meyers

Marcy N

Jill Merritt

Gentry Atkinson

Kimberly Price

Carol Hanson

Emily Smith

Dan Dixon

Hayley Tracy

Dave Sewell

Rachel Capener

Vernon and Joan Payne

Barbara Wanlass

Linda Merritt

Kathy Scoffield

Nick Betzsold

Michael and Debra Larsen

Aaron Peterson

Rachelle Black

Alex Isackson

Annette Hilton

Michelle Hammons

Alice Roberts

Sara Robertson

Lauren Call

Talia Halm

Amy Sanchez

Tim Dall

Blake Parker

Alicia King

Layne Peterson

Shaylee Brown

Shane Anderson

Meta Phillips

Michael Davis

Mindy Anderson

Kim Griffith

Bill Arnett, Jr.

Bonnie Wilcoxson

Rebecca Marshall

Allen and Carolyn Butler

Julia Wheeler

Christine Schrader

Marianne Monson

Kaylee Adair

Andrew and Lynne Kelson

Adam Luke

Andrea Tate

Christina Marriott

Brittney Thompson

Adriana Mackay

Kelly Maser Liddell

Meredith Fish

Mike Sawyer

Kara Lazenby

Kim Jenkins

Deb Jones

Barbara Jones

Harvey Black

Paula Ward

Palmer Black

Jennifer Willis

Brad Carlson

Rick Kellogg

Elizabeth Carlson

Lara Cheney

Allison Shiozawa Miles

Keri Hughes

Mark Kellogg

Camille Warner

Shauni Young

Peter Gardner

Lindsay Young

Alli Kellogg

Stephanie G. Chapman

Denise Foote

Angela Sinsay

Larry Ball

Patrick Young

Thelma Chapman

Russell Urie

Cheri M. Snow

Rachel Hunt

Kirstin Adams

Alison Taylor

Gordon Jensen

S. Rick Crump

Bruce Jones

Nicole Cicerone

Kaylene Lindley

Christine Anderson

Kathleen Shelton

Richard Moore

Jacy Boe

Marcelo & Christine G.

Ema Fong

Bart Fitzgerald

Andrew Naylor

Honalee S.

Katherine Hillam

Mike Clark

Amy Anderson

Carol Boyle

Lee Wolff

Kristine Reynolds

Reed Turner

LeAnn Stamos

Paul Snow

Pamela Palmer Jones

Rebecca Weight

Tara Prestgard

Peggy Grimmius

Eric B. Swensen

Cole Herndon

Doug Grimmius

Rebekah Clement

Gerald and Susan Bringhurst

Cody Slaugh

Julia H. Jensen

Brian Arnett

William Arnett

Ron and Karin Carling

Leif Walker

Lyn Wearley

Brad Warren

L.V. Hahn

Frank Adams

Teri Carroll

Olive Abershon

Samm F. Flower

Ami Francisco

William Wiltfong

Brad Dayton

Debbie Johnson

Chris and Stacy Thomas

Ben and Courtney Thompson

Taylor Morrell

Garrett Lambert

Becca Backus

Phillip Backus

Lauren Dickerson

Holly Andersen

Elizabeth Backus

Cheri Palfreyman

Elisa Backus

Susana Melgoza Embley

Sylvia Mendoza

Kiki Hatch

Golda Miller

Jessica Clark

Nathan Merritt

Martha Fowles

Vaughn Mickelson

Dr. Ron Tenney

Jake Miller

Dennis and Donna Rampton

Carolyn Hanchett

Joe and Shannon Ashcroft

Kayla Porter

Albert Hartman

Deborah Smith

Ellen Thayn

Elizabeth Hope Wilson

Anissa Borchardt

Lars-Erik Rundquist

Ivan L Huish

Truly Huish

James and Carol Sauers

Nathan Tenney

Kelli Millett

Becky Rapier

Gail Merritt

B.D. Larsen

Dr. Jonathan Manwaring

Steven and Sarah Hargis

Rachel Manwaring

Mary Anderson

Susan Fritzler

Nora Hess

Shawn & Kristanne Wilden

Cheryl Price-McKell

Allison Skousen

Thomas Skousen

Adam Edwards

Alan Hanson

Emily Gibby

Michael Eckersley

Stacy Trepanier

Andrea Packard

Dr. Scott Porter

Kathy Cardwell

Robert Cardwell

Kevin & Elicia Angell

Nick Christensen

Nicholas Moser

Susan Strong

Dennis Kiker

Deborah Kiker

Sophie Reese

Nate Frary

Sue Hodge

Harold Brown

Amanda Hall

Wade Stephens

Robert Collins

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