Restoring America

What We Need to Restore

  • Americans’ safety. We have witnessed an administration incapable of defending our families against a pandemic. Do you trust President Trump to keep you and your loved ones safe?
  • American democracy. The American Constitution stands as one of the great achievements in democracy and loyalty to our founding document sits at the core of what it means to be American. We need a President who respects the Constitution and who we can trust to faithfully execute the law, fairly… not one who is willing to turn soldiers on citizens simply for a photo op.
  • American values. We used to be a nation marked by decisive action, compassion, and unshakeable faith in God and our own determined spirit – and our President is who we look to as an embodiment of those ideals.
  • American honesty. When the President speaks, the whole nation expects the information provided to be coming from the top experts. We need a President we can trust.
  • American leadership. We used to be looked to by the rest of the world for leadership in times of crisis. When 9/11 happened, we led the charge to defeat terror, when ISIS rose in the Middle East we fought back. Now? Our nation turns our back on allies and recklessly endangers American lives.

It’s Time to Restore Americans’ Safety. Values. Honesty. Leadership. Democracy.

It’s Time for a New President.

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